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COMPTE tries to bring stories closer and create fashion through them. It’s philosophy is based on the experimentation of design and creating without limits and with fantasy as one of the differences of the brand.


COMPTE [ kómte ] alludes to the roots of the brand, its literal translation comes from valencian language and refers to the action of telling, which is the ultimate aim of its collections, Compte tries to tell stories and turn them into something beautiful through its looks, because fashion, in essence, must be beauty.


The innocent and creative spirit of children’s stories is an essential part of Compte, creating with the mindset and without prejudices or limits and this is how the brand’s collections are created, without barriers. The stories, in short, have a close relationship with the childish and that is the essence that we wanted to convey with the garments and with the way of creating them. 


COMPTE is a prêt-a-couture fashion brand founded on 2021 in Valencia (Spain) by Santi Mozas (1994) who before ending his studies in advertising, marketing and fashion communication introduce himself into fashion design, pattern making and sewing. Moreover, after dressing celebrities as Belen Aguilera, Danna Paola or Alba Reche, in March 2022 presents its debut collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.