HAPPY ENDING · AW 24/25   “And they lived happily ever after” is a phrase that we have engraved in our minds since we are kids. From an early age we are told tales and stories or perhaps read in books that all endings are kind of happy. Who wants to suffer listening to tragic or fatal endings?  Real life is tough enough most of the time. Not all the endings can be happy. This endings from literature are the ones that put us face to face with the bitter reality of life. We tend to remember the classic “THE END” from countless Hollywood movies where the girl marries the perfect guy, but what also exist is the duality on those “happy endings”, sometimes death, other times sex.

Happy endings are not always sweet and happy. With this collection, in COMPTE SPAIN, we dare to explore the more intimate and sensual aspects of our favourite stories and tales to create once again a collection that makes our public think about these things we’ve been told since we are kids.


FW24/25 · 080 BCN FASHION · APRIL 24